This section contains the API documentation for the PennyLane-Braket plugin.


Unless you are a PennyLane plugin developer, you likely do not need to use these classes and functions directly.

See the overview page for more details using the available Braket devices with PennyLane.


BraketAwsAhsDevice(wires, device_arn[, ...])

Amazon Braket AHS device for hardware in PennyLane.

BraketAwsQubitDevice(wires, device_arn[, ...])

Amazon Braket AwsDevice qubit device for PennyLane.

BraketLocalAhsDevice(wires, *[, shots])

Amazon Braket LocalSimulator AHS device for PennyLane.

BraketLocalQubitDevice(wires[, backend, shots])

Amazon Braket LocalSimulator qubit device for PennyLane.

CPhaseShift00(phi, wires)

Controlled phase shift gate phasing the \(| 00 \rangle\) state.

CPhaseShift01(phi, wires)

Controlled phase shift gate phasing the \(| 01 \rangle\) state.

CPhaseShift10(phi, wires)

Controlled phase shift gate phasing the \(| 10 \rangle\) state.

GPi(phi, wires)

IonQ native GPi gate.

GPi2(phi, wires)

IonQ native GPi2 gate.

MS(phi_0, phi_1, wires)

IonQ native Mølmer-Sørenson gate.

PSWAP(phi, wires)

Phase-SWAP gate.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of braket.pennylane_plugin.ahs_device.BraketAwsAhsDevice, braket.pennylane_plugin.braket_device.BraketAwsQubitDevice, braket.pennylane_plugin.ahs_device.BraketLocalAhsDevice, braket.pennylane_plugin.braket_device.BraketLocalQubitDevice, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.CPhaseShift00, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.CPhaseShift01, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.CPhaseShift10, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.GPi, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.GPi2, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.MS, braket.pennylane_plugin.ops.PSWAP