PennyLane-Braket Plugin




The Amazon Braket Python SDK is an open source library that provides a framework to interact with quantum computing hardware devices and simulators through Amazon Braket.

PennyLane is a machine learning library for optimization and automatic differentiation of hybrid quantum-classical computations.

Once the Pennylane-Braket plugin is installed, the provided Braket devices can be accessed straight away in PennyLane, without the need to import any additional packages.


This plugin provides four Braket devices for use with PennyLane - two supporting gate-based computations, and two supporting analog Hamiltonian simulation (AHS):

While the local device helps with small-scale simulations and rapid prototyping, the remote device allows you to run larger simulations or access quantum hardware via the Amazon Braket service.


To see the PennyLane-Braket plugin in action, you can use any of the qubit-based demos from the PennyLane documentation, for example the tutorial on qubit rotation, and simply replace 'default.qubit' with the 'braket.local.qubit' or the '' device:

dev = qml.device('braket.XXX.qubit', [...])

Tutorials that showcase the Braket devices can be found on the PennyLane website and the Amazon Braket examples GitHub repository.